Our Camps with LEGO® will Break the School Holiday Boredom!

With our own BRICKS 4 KIDZ® models and Creative Play, the kids are always having fun at our holiday workshops with LEGO®!

Our holiday activities are designed for kids ages 5–12, are staffed by trained, screened BRICKS 4 KIDZ® instructors, and have the best child:staff ratio around!

Bricks 4 Kidz® camps are a fresh and fun way for kids ages 5-12+ to spend their school or holiday break! Guided by our experienced teachers and built around exciting themes, children will enjoy using LEGO® Bricks to build specially-designed Bricks 4 Kidz models, play LEGO®games and explore the world of engineering, architecture and animated movie-making: Super Hero Academy, Galaxy Far Away, Remote Control Mania, Mining and Crafting, Amusement Parks, Space Adventures, Robotics and much more!


Weekly camps starting from 4th July 2021!
Sunday to Thursday, 9AM to 1PM

Location: Creativity Centre, Al Barsha – Dubai
Fees: AED 650 for one week, AED 1300 for two weeks, AED 1500 for 4 weeks Summer Pass.

Sign-up for a 2 week camp or a 4 week Summer Pass and you get to  take home a Builder kit worth AED 500 for FREE!

Note: We are COVID 19 compliant. Bricknowland takes the health and safety of your child very seriously. We have reduced the number of children at camp to a maximum of only 16 per week. We follow the guidelines set by the authorities and ensure use of hand sanitizers, social distancing, use of face masks. We also provide campers individual kits for their use through the week and are sanitized daily.

Weekly Schedule

04th July to 08th July

Game-on Camp and Jr Robotics 101 with Wedo 2.0 (Ages: 5+)

For kids today, it’s all about the world of online video games and apps! In this interactive summer camp, campers will use bricks to create and build different characters from their favorite video games.

Themes such as Super Mario Bros, Roblox, Beyblades, Pokémon, and Minecraft come to life through the use of our robots, mosaics, and 3Dart, all made out of  Bricks. Don’t forget classic Nintendo and SEGA themes such as Zelda, Duck Hunt, Pacman, and Sonic the Hedgehog! Each day will be a new adventure as the virtual and Brick worlds combine! 

Kids also get to build LEGO motorized models with Wedo 2.0. Their first step in learning block based coding that is a drag and drop based software which provides an easy-to-use programming environment.

Advance Robotics 101 with EV3 (Ages: 9+)

Kids get to work with an EV3 kit and learn aspects of engineering, automation and coding to accomplish challenges during this Robotics summer camp week.

11th July to 15th July

Sports fanatics Camp and Jr Robotics 201 with Wedo 2.0 (Ages: 5+)

Play Ball! Brick4Kidz® Brick ball, that is! In our Bricks 4 Kidz Sports Fanatics Camp, our all-star Master Builder campers will be using our Bricks to create robotic athletes such as soccer players that shoot, hockey skaters that skate, gymnasts that tumble, and much more! Campers will also create their favorite sports team’s logos and players, all out of Bricks4Kidz® Bricks. Whether it’s college football, the Olympics, cheerleading, or professional hockey, campers will love all that is in store for them when they attend our Bricks 4 Kidz Sports Fanatics camp! Go Team Bricks!

Advanced motorized models to build and Wedo 2.0 coding are the challenges in store for campers prepared to go to the next level!
For campers ready to move on to the advanced level working with EV3, there is much to do this week that is going to be engaging and fun too.

Advance Robotics 201 with EV3 (Ages: 9+)

Kids get to work with an EV3 kit and learn aspects of engineering, automation and coding to accomplish challenges during this Robotics summer camp week.

25th July to 29th July

Cruise in the jungle Camp (Ages: 5+)

Come explore the jungle using LEGO® Bricks in our BRAND NEW “Cruising the Jungle Camp! During this week-long adventure down the Amazon River, campers will hop in the Jungle Boat Cruiser to search for the secret Tree of Life. On the way, they will encounter all of the wonders, dangers, and surprises the wild jungle has to offer! Campers will have to navigate around the chomping crocodiles of the river, sneak past the indigenous tribes protecting hidden treasures, and make friends with the animals of the jungle like gorillas, elephants, and much more! So pack your adventure bags and treasure maps, and get ready to explore this summer in our Cruising the Jungle Camp!

Artificial Intelligence 101 with COZMO (Ages: 9+)

Robot Cozmo plays games, fist bumps, and uses its big, blue digital eyes to convey convincing emotional range. And its brain uses machine learning, so it gets savvier as you play with it.

1st August to 5th August

Avengers and Minecraft Camp (Ages: 5+)

Minecraft is a game about placing blocks to build anything you can
imagine. At night monsters come out, make sure to build a shelter before that happens. Experience the world of Minecraft with bricks in this fun camp. Kids will start by crafting their shelters and some of the mobs, critters and tools using  bricks. Students will face new challenges each day, building models and crafting key elements from the popular Minecraft game. Hold on! Your favorite Avenger heroes are also there waiting.

Artificial Intelligence 201 with COZMO (Ages: 9+)

Robot Cozmo plays games, fist bumps, and uses its big, blue digital eyes to convey convincing emotional range. And its brain uses machine learning, so it gets savvier as you play with it.

8th August to 12th August

Movie Mashup Camp (Ages: 5+)

Campers this week get to build all their favorite movie heroes and also get to know and be introduced to ones they never knew before. Every day, new builds are in store for them when they land at the camp site.

Advance Robotics & Artificial Intelligence (Ages: 9+)

The week gets busy and fun working with both the EV3 and Cozmo kit and the opportunity of learning new things in Robotics and AI.

15th August to 19th August

Themed Mashup Camp (Ages: 5+)

This week is fun with building anything and everything from favorite characters from anywhere to working with new motorized models.

Advance Robotics & Artificial Intelligence (Ages: 9+)

There is no end to learning and having fun with Robotics, working with the all popular EV3 kit and the AI Cozmo robot. By the time you are done this week, you will have sharpened a lot of skills this holiday and ready to handle challenges that lie ahead.

What Happens in a BRICKS 4 KIDZ® Camp?

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What are parents saying?

“Thank you Lulu, our boys O. and S. had the best day!”  Mum Libby

“Thank you for a wonderful few days of Bricks 4 Kidz. My boys had a wonderful time.” Mum Mel

“Just wanted to Thank You for 2 amazing Lego days for R. We would love to book in for next holidays”. Mum Lauren

“Hi Lulu, Thank you for keeping my boys entertained yesterday, they loved it. When they got home they got out the lego box and started sorting pieces ready for a day of lego today!  Great to know that you do birthday parties, I think we’ll be booking one this year! Thanks again” Mum Claire

“The boys had a brilliant time yesterday, and both said it was the best Lego camp they’ve done ever! See you next holidays.” Mum Rachel

“L. and D. had such a great time today, thank you! They’ll be back for more on Thursday, dressed as superheroes, along with their friends F and J. !” Mum Claire

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